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What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture works with the energy that flows through the meridians or energetic channels in the body to encourage the smooth flow of vital energy, known in Chinese medicine as “Qi,” that is essential for optimal health. When there is an energetic imbalance, it has an effect on the structures and functions within the body, and can lead to symptoms such as pain, dysfunction, and less than optimal health.

When tiny needles are inserted into specific points on the body, acupuncture balances the energy flow through the meridian channels to stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities to promote physical and emotional well-being.

How Does Acupuncture Help?

Treating specific acupuncture points redirects your Qi to promote balance of your vital energy. When there is balanced vital energy there is enhanced function of the energy of the internal organs and body systems, including the skeletal, muscular, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and reproductive systems.

The balance of vital energy can be affected by any harmful substance, such as environmental toxins, poor nutrition, injury, disease, excessive exposure to heat, dampness, or cold, and excessive emotional responses such as anger, frustration, worry, fear, or anxiety.

When all body systems work together and balance is achieved, all of the internal relationships can work in harmony to achieve optimal health. Chinese medicine offers a framework to understand how our environment, our relationships, the foods we eat, and the thoughts we think affect our well being.

Creating harmony within the energy of our body systems allows us to be part of the rhythm of nature, allowing for optimal expression of health.

How Are We Different?

While there are countless diet programs available, our Innate Biohackers wellness program is unique in many ways:

Denise’s method is a result of her lineage of healers, experience, expertise, and dedication to continuous learning. She combines the ancient healing art of Chinese medicine with the best in modern science.

She spends ample time listening to the intricacies within her patient’s health story and combines that information with what she gathers in her thorough exam, understanding the relationships and interrelationships within the body systems. This allows her to formulate the right treatment for the individual patient, knowing precisely where on the body to place the acupuncture needles for an optimal outcome.

Denise’s unique method works at the crossroads between the physical structure, the energetics of the body, and the hormonal and emotional systems, thereby treating the whole person.

I look forward to coming to Denise for acupuncture! Denise is a warm, caring, and devoted practitioner. She is very gentle and gives her patients a very pleasant experience.


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Oh, my goodness! I have been getting acupuncture at least once a month for the past ten or more years, and additionally whenever I feel a particular physical or emotional need. People who share with me their health issues will hear me ask: “Have you considered acupuncture?” I have trusted in its benefits owing, in great measure, to my trust in Denise.

I delight each time at the completion of the treatment when she reassures me that my body has responded. I just finished reading an internet article regarding the potential physiological effects and health benefits of acupuncture.

What up until now I have attributed solely to genetics I now see as a benefit derived from my faithfulness to this treatment. This summer I will turn 81. Most people who don’t know me or anything about me will reduce that number by 10, and sometimes even 15.

With gratitude to God and to the treatment I have received, first from Denise and now Balance Equals Health, I am free of any illness or dependence on medication.


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I have been under the acupuncture care of Denise Forster consistently for the past 10 years! That does not sound like anything special, until I tell you that I was deathly afraid of any kind of needles. At first the tension from just thinking about having a needle was overwhelming. With each visit the tension and fear dissipated, but I think the pivotal visit that changed my relationship with the needles was one afternoon when I arrived at her office with an excruciating headache. The pain was so unbearable that even the drive out to her office was a feat in itself. As soon as she saw me, it was evident that something was wrong. I told her about the headache and she proceeded to treat it. Within a couple of minutes I felt the headache going away. By the time I finished my appointment, I felt as if I could have walked all the way back to Brooklyn!

The above is just one instance of the many occasions when acupuncture treatment has helped me. The beauty of it though, is that you don’t have to be in pain for it to help you. It has helped me both physically and emotionally. I feel more centered and balanced — more in tune with my body since being under Denise’s care.

I have recommended her to family and friends. The exposure to this form of treatment has changed my approach to how I view conventional, symptomatic treatment versus causative treatment. She is dedicated to finding the cause for the imbalances in the body and mind, as she relentlessly pursues it until she finds the answer!


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