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What Is Clinical Nutrition?

Using the latest in advanced nutrition science and dietetics combined with a thorough objective evaluation of a patient’s health picture, we work to prevent and treat metabolic imbalances, ensuring a proper balance of macronutrient and micronutrient intake, absorption, and utilization.

How Does Clinical Nutrition Help?

Clinical nutrition is personalized lifestyle medicine that is the foundation for optimal health and wellness. There is not a single diet or supplement that is appropriate for everyone. The most efficient way to optimize your health is to take the time to identify your unique nutritional needs. When working with clients we ask specific questions to determine the best possible lifestyle and wellness plan for them.

Nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, which are found in the foods we eat, are the foundation for a healthy body. They provide the building blocks it requires to function properly. The nutrients required are obtained through diet, supplementation, and cellular absorption, all of which must be appropriate based on your genetics, lifestyle, food preferences, and overall nutritional needs.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” — Hippocrates

By creating a personalized nutrition plan, supporting your gut microbiome, minimizing inflammatory foods, and taking into account your genetic foundation, we establish an optimal environment for expression of health and well-being.

How Are We Different?

While there are countless diet programs available, our Innate Biohackers wellness program is unique in many ways:

  1. CREATE the platform to unleash the infinite power within you.
  2. TRANSFORM your body and mind, allowing you to reach your health and life goals.
  3. “If you can envision it, you can create it.”
  4. EMPOWER who you are by aligning your behavior, thoughts, diet, and lifestyle.
  5. TRUST your internal wisdom while utilizing the latest scientific information to guide your lifestyle choices.
  6. LEARN to understand your foundational genetic makeup that sets the stage for your risk of disease versus promotion of health.
  7. CONSCIOUSLY SHIFT your direction towards the outcome you desire.
  8. TRUST your ability to unleash your absolute health potential.

It’s been a wonderful experience being your patient these past many years.
Your patience and experience in knowing the areas of concern to work has kept me in a most healthful state. You always know how to treat the issues that I may have at any given time.

Thank you for being there for me and keep up the good work.


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As a patient of Balance Equals Health for the past 10 years, I have developed a wonderful relationship with Dr. Michelle Klein as my chiropractor and Denise Forster as my nutritionist and acupuncture specialist. I believe that they excel in their practices not only because they are skilled practitioners but also because they really care about their patients.
Most recently I was faced with a life-challenging health event and naturally I reached to them for their professional help. May I say that throughout the period preparing for my surgery, they provided me with exceptional nutritional guidance and utmost compassion. Happily when my surgery date came, I was strong and completely at ease. Today after the surgery my surgeon and assisting doctors are amazed at my recovery, positive mindset, and healthy aura that I emanate.

Thank you so much Michelle and Denise for being there for me!


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Three years ago, I was in a very dark place. After suffering multiple losses in my family, stress, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise, I found myself in a very scary place. At my yearly doctor visit I was told that my ANAs [antinuclear antibodies] were extremely high — at almost 20,000. My doctor began to check me for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and every autoimmune disease that I knew nothing about. I was extremely scared.

A friend suggested I see Dr. Klein. She believed that Dr. Klein could help me find a way to health.
At our first meeting, Dr. Klein made it very clear that I needed to heal my gut. She made it clear that it would be a process. I had to take baby steps and not huge leaps to wellness. She started with my diet. Though difficult, I went to a mostly green diet.

She then worked on my body pains. My back was especially bad. I could not bend or sit for long periods of time. Over the next few weeks I noticed many differences. For one, I regained the ability to bend, move, and exercise. I also began to notice a difference in my aches and pains. Eating mostly greens with lean meats and fish proved to help with inflammation. My body was not reacting as it once did (bruising, constant joint pain, foggy brain, etc.).

I believe wholeheartedly in Dr. Klein’s message. She is not only my doctor but at times I feel she is my therapist. It is so funny to say but she has helped me in so many ways — body, mind, and soul. She teaches me about how to forgive myself, how to pick myself up when I haven’t made the best choices or I relapse. She allows me to be human and remember my personal whys. I am very grateful for the work she does. She has never given up on me when I wasn’t the “perfect” patient. I believe everyone needs a doctor like her. She is the doctor you can’t wait to see!


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