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Dr. Michelle Klein and Denise Forster are truly wonderful with my kids! From the moment we walk into the office they greet them with a big smile! They are always patient, creative, and find ways to engage my children while performing their chiropractic and acupuncture care! They have been a source of so much valuable information. We are so happy that we found them and look forward to their continued care! J.K.

It’s been a wonderful experience being your patient these past many years.
Your patience and experience in knowing the areas of concern to work has kept me in a most healthful state. You always know how to treat the issues that I may have at any given time.

Thank you for being there for me and keep up the good work. M.Z.

As a patient of Balance Equals Health for the past 10 years, I have developed a wonderful relationship with Dr. Michelle Klein as my chiropractor and Denise Forster as my nutritionist and acupuncture specialist. I believe that they excel in their practices not only because they are skilled practitioners but also because they really care about their patients.

Most recently I was faced with a life-challenging health event and naturally I reached to them for their professional help. May I say that throughout the period preparing for my surgery, they provided me with exceptional nutritional guidance and utmost compassion. Happily when my surgery date came, I was strong and completely at ease. Today after the surgery my surgeon and assisting doctors are amazed at my recovery, positive mindset, and healthy aura that I emanate.

Thank you so much Michelle and Denise for being there for me! C.A.

Balance does equal Health. Denise Forster inquired what brought me to her office. Because I had been feeling tired and was having problems breathing, I decided to give acupuncture a try and my family doctor suggested I try acupuncture for my stiff neck. After taking my medical history and having an acupuncture treatment, Denise massaged my shoulder and had me move my head. The stiffness was gone. She explained that the whole body works together.

I phoned her the next day to report I felt energized and after a few acupuncture treatments I felt great. My whole body was in tune and I felt strong. I can’t thank you enough for making me feel energetic again. Thank you, Denise! A.I.

Some years ago I was bothered by my thumb which was getting stuck in a bent position. The situation became increasingly annoying as it progressed to my having to use my other hand to pull the thumb out of the locked position.

Knowing the fine work that Balance Equals Health had done for me and my family in areas of nutrition, chiropractic, and overall health management, I asked Denise Forster to take a look

Denise, after a number of acupuncture treatments aimed at unlocking my thumb, which had been diagnosed as “trigger finger” to which I quickly professed that I wasn’t even a gun owner! 🙂 Nevertheless, the treatment progressed with a focus directly on the thumb.

Today, 10 years later my trigger thumb is a distant bad memory and I use the finger normally without any impairment. A 21-gun salute to Denise Forster aka The Pin Lady. R.A

I look forward to coming to Denise for acupuncture! Denise is a warm, caring, and devoted practitioner. She is very gentle and gives her patients a very pleasant experience. L.S.

Oh, my goodness! I have been getting acupuncture at least once a month for the past ten or more years, and additionally whenever I feel a particular physical or emotional need. People who share with me their health issues will hear me ask: “Have you considered acupuncture?” I have trusted in its benefits owing, in great measure, to my trust in Denise.

I delight each time at the completion of the treatment when she reassures me that my body has responded. I just finished reading an internet article regarding the potential physiological effects and health benefits of acupuncture.

What up until now I have attributed solely to genetics I now see as a benefit derived from my faithfulness to this treatment. This summer I will turn 81. Most people who don’t know me or anything about me will reduce that number by 10, and sometimes even 15.

With gratitude to God and to the treatment I have received, first from Denise and now Balance Equals Health, I am free of any illness or dependence on medication. C.R.

I have been under the acupuncture care of Denise Forster consistently for the past 10 years! That does not sound like anything special, until I tell you that I was deathly afraid of any kind of needles. At first the tension from just thinking about having a needle was overwhelming. With each visit the tension and fear dissipated, but I think the pivotal visit that changed my relationship with the needles was one afternoon when I arrived at her office with an excruciating headache. The pain was so unbearable that even the drive out to her office was a feat in itself. As soon as she saw me, it was evident that something was wrong. I told her about the headache and she proceeded to treat it. Within a couple of minutes I felt the headache going away. By the time I finished my appointment, I felt as if I could have walked all the way back to Brooklyn!

The above is just one instance of the many occasions when acupuncture treatment has helped me. The beauty of it though, is that you don’t have to be in pain for it to help you. It has helped me both physically and emotionally. I feel more centered and balanced — more in tune with my body since being under Denise’s care.

I have recommended her to family and friends. The exposure to this form of treatment has changed my approach to how I view conventional, symptomatic treatment versus causative treatment. She is dedicated to finding the cause for the imbalances in the body and mind, as she relentlessly pursues it until she finds the answer! A.B.

Three years ago, I was in a very dark place. After suffering multiple losses in my family, stress, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise, I found myself in a very scary place. At my yearly doctor visit I was told that my ANAs [antinuclear antibodies] were extremely high — at almost 20,000. My doctor began to check me for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and every autoimmune disease that I knew nothing about. I was extremely scared.

A friend suggested I see Dr. Klein. She believed that Dr. Klein could help me find a way to health.
At our first meeting, Dr. Klein made it very clear that I needed to heal my gut. She made it clear that it would be a process. I had to take baby steps and not huge leaps to wellness. She started with my diet. Though difficult, I went to a mostly green diet.

She then worked on my body pains. My back was especially bad. I could not bend or sit for long periods of time. Over the next few weeks I noticed many differences. For one, I regained the ability to bend, move, and exercise. I also began to notice a difference in my aches and pains. Eating mostly greens with lean meats and fish proved to help with inflammation. My body was not reacting as it once did (bruising, constant joint pain, foggy brain, etc.).

I believe wholeheartedly in Dr. Klein’s message. She is not only my doctor but at times I feel she is my therapist. It is so funny to say but she has helped me in so many ways — body, mind, and soul. She teaches me about how to forgive myself, how to pick myself up when I haven’t made the best choices or I relapse. She allows me to be human and remember my personal whys. I am very grateful for the work she does. She has never given up on me when I wasn’t the “perfect” patient. I believe everyone needs a doctor like her. She is the doctor you can’t wait to see! J.M.

Balance Equals Health… Those are the words that encouraged me to get in touch with Dr. Klein. And it has been a blessing in our lives that we did!
Dr. Klein is one of the few doctors today who really takes the “whole child” into account. When she works with my kids, she adjusts them, works and talks with them about health and nutrition, and always always checks in with them emotionally. She is a safe place for my kids, and I am so happy that my husband and I can provide our children with such a high quality of super-personalized care. Thank you for being our doctor when we are sick and healthy, Dr. Klein. We so appreciate you!

My seven-year-old son says “I want to be a doctor like Dr. Klein when I grow up.” My three-year-old daughter says “I feel GREAT when I see Dr. Klein.” My five-year-old daughter says “I like spending time with her.” Dr. Klein came to see us at my house when my two-year-old daughter was born. She muscle-tested both of us and figured out which foods were good for her and which were not. After Dr. Klein met with us, my baby did not cry much anymore. She barely spit up and she slept much better! A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Klein! W.J.

I was lucky enough to see Dr. Michelle Klein one week after I had a baby. After my epidural, my back was so messed up that I was unable to even bend down to pick up my baby. After one session with Dr. Klein, I was able to hold and tend to my baby with no pain. Besides for adjusting me, Dr. Klein also worked on my baby to ensure he is developing correctly after a long labor and delivery. She treated my son softly and gently and talked me through every move she was making. It was incredible to see how responsive he was from one adjustment! It was the best move for myself and my baby to book a postpartum appointment with Dr. Klein. H.B.

We’ve been seeing Dr. Klein for about seven years now. It all started when my little son had a terrible case of eczema which was making him miserable. By getting him adjusted and changing his diet, the eczema slowly disappeared. Throughout the years I’ve steadily taken the others in my family to benefit from Dr. Klein’s gentle adjustments and invaluable guidance in nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Klein for improving the quality of life for my whole family.